Morgan Stanley Access Direct

Enjoy the financial flexibility and control you need with the Morgan Stanley Access Direct brokerage account.

Access Direct can help you achieve your financial goals from one streamlined platform. Build an investment portfolio that puts you at the centre, and access customizable trading tools to help you plan for what’s next.

The Benefits of Access Direct

Simplicity to Help You Get Started

Get a running start with investing — or keep working toward your goals. Access Direct clears the path with a simple-yet-sophisticated trading platform, no account minimums and low trading fees.


Control to Pursue Your Financial Goals

Build a portfolio your way with a wide selection of stocks, ETFs and mutual funds. Monitor your trades and investments.


Convenience for Your Stock Plan Proceeds

Keep more of your proceeds and use them to fund your goals. Morgan Stanley at Work users pay reduced commission fees when they sell long shares.

How Access Direct Works

Whatever your life stage or financial priorities, Access Direct has the capabilities, tools and insights to meet you exactly where you’re at today and where you want to be tomorrow. 

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    Easy Access to Your Funds

    If you have received an offer to open an Access Direct account, you can transfer your stock plan proceeds by going to your Morgan Stanley at Work account and using the pop-up to activate your Access Direct account, where you can see your holdings and transfer funds.  


    If you are a Morgan Stanley at Work client, your shares may be eligible for automatic share sweeping. 

  2. 02
    Your Holdings in One Place

    Access our dashboard for a clear snapshot of your holdings and their value. You’ll also see available funds to invest or disburse and receive alerts for important messages or actions to take.  

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    A Detailed Picture of Your Accounts

    View your holdings in one place, broken down by asset class. Access important information on your investments, including tax documents and a breakdown of your realized gains and/or losses.  

  4. 04
    Seamless Trading Support

    Select from a range of stocks, ETFs and mutual funds to help you invest for your goals. Get quote details on potential transactions and monitor the order status of your transactions.  

  5. 05
    Research and Education Resources

    Explore timely research and financial wellness insights to help you make informed investment decisions. Leverage market performance charts, economic and financial news, quote data on stocks and more.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there a minimum balance or annual maintenance fee for the Access Direct account?

There is no minimum balance, nor annual maintenance or account minimum fees for active Morgan Stanley at Work participants. Certain other fees, like trading commissions or cash management fees, may apply. 



Q: What is the commission for stock trades?

There is a $6.49 commission for online trades. 



Q: How is Access Direct different from Morgan Stanley at Work? 1

Morgan Stanley at Work is your virtual equity hub. It offers a streamlined experience for viewing, tracking and managing your equity awards online.  


Access Direct is your companion brokerage account to Morgan Stanley at Work. It allows you to integrate your equity proceeds with your everyday financial transactions.


While Access Direct allows you to buy and sell a variety of investment types outside of your equity awards and earn interest on your cash, Morgan Stanley at Work only allows you to sell your awards.



Q: What information will I be asked to provide when opening an Access Direct account?

When you open an account, we will ask for your name, address, date of birth and other information that will allow us to identify you. We may also utilise a third-party information provider for verification purposes. 



Q: When can I start transacting with funds deposited into my Access Direct Account?

Funds arriving in your Access Direct account may not be available for investment or withdrawal purposes for up to four business days. For additional information, please contact the MSAD Client Service Centre at 1-833-352-0107.  

More Control for Your Stock Plan Proceeds

Find out how Morgan Stanley Access Direct can help you achieve your financial goals.

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